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The crab claw sail is similar in design to the racing sails used in Hawaii by the Hawaiian Sailing Canoe Association.

It is basically an inverted triangular sail with the foot high above the deck.

This sail has more of a "traditional" appearance, however, it is primarily a sail for broad reaching and down wind sailing.

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Traditional Hawaiian Crab Claw Rig Fritz's OC3 with crab claw sail in dock OC3 and original Holopuni with crab claw sails

The Crab Claw Sail is difficult to reef and the large amount of sail area up high tends to create lots of heeling force.

Because the boom rises well above the deck, there is lots of head room for paddling and riding on the tramp.

It is not an efficient sail for reaching or going up wind.


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Hi Nick,

We had a great sail from Mission Bay to San Diego. The day was clear, wind about 8-15 kts. from the northwest. Perfect reaching and running down the coast. We made it so quickly I tacked offshore to look for whales. The wind started building 18 kts steady and we were flying on a beam reach. When we finally turned back to Point Loma the wind was gusting over 20kts and we took off like a bat out of hell. The puffs were probably around 25 kts. I 'm guessing we came close to 20 kts. on some of the power reaches during the puffs.

We finally made it to the club for a Jacuzzi and some hot rum while watching some of the super bowl. A girl who was sailing on a J-80 came by and said she saw us coming in. "Man you looked so cool, you were flying!" That helped ease the pain.

Anyway, It would have been nice to be able to quickly roll up some sail and get the boat under control. I think the stiffer mast with a 100 sq. ft. sounds like a good combo. Especially for places like Hawaii where it blows over 20 kts. a lot. I wish I had something like it this weekend

Aloha for now.

Fritz has sailed around Cape Horn on Crusader. They were on a record breaking run ...untill they got de-masted off Chile.

Fritz Richardson, Owner of Holopuni OC3 S #1 is also the owner of Pacific Off Shore Rigging in San Diego CA.
He writes about his wild sail on Super Bowl weekend.
Fritz was sailing with a his Holopuni OC3 S with a 150 sq.f. crab claw sail...and states that he wishes he had our new 100 sq. ft. free standing, roller furling rig.

See photo above Fritz's story.

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