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The HSS Rig is really a very efficient sail.
I was introduced to this sail rig by Art Lane. He has me hooked. It is FAST!

It consists of a very short main mast with the narrow triangular sail suspended above the mast by a cross arm with a rotating universal head that allows the sail to be rotated from sideto side directly over the main mast.

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Poi Boys canoe with HSS rig HSS rigged Holopuni OC3 on the beach Holopuni with HSS crab claw variant

The great foil shape, the vortex lift and the lower center of effort can really produce some powerful and fast sailing.

The only draw back we see is that it takes a bit more sheeting equipment to set this sail up properly.

Also it takes a real understanding of sail aerodynamics to get the most out of this rig...
It is not for beginners BUT is is certainly one of my favorite rigs and we are still planning on sailing with more HSS Rigs in the future.


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Story by Gloria Reed
Pacific Paddler Magazine

A recent short vacation on the west coast led me into looking at the new and innovative designs in outrigger and sailing canoes developing on the west coast.

The DGS Sailing Team has been actively promoting the Hawaiian Sailing Canoes in Southern California over the past 5 years.
Our focus is to promote and perpetuate this ancient art of sailing. Currently our sailing canoe Na Mo'oniho'awa is the only active outrigger sailing canoe on the west coast. Yearly roadtrips with exhibitions in the outrigger community has definitely raised a big interest. And just recently Nick Beck, a resident of Hawaii, who has been studying, repairing and building canoes since the early 1960's, is now in full production of his Holopuni Canoes OC-3 and OC-3 Sail.

Holopuni-which in Hawaiian means "to sail everywhere", will be the upcoming outrigger canoe on the market with a sailing rig currently being designed specifically for this canoe.

"Holopuni OC-3 and the OC-3 Sail" is the three person, 30' Hawaiian outrigger canoe that has evolved over the past 20 years to meet the many challenging needs for paddling, sailing and camping in the wide variety of conditions found in Hawaiian waters.

Some features of the Holopuni are:
It can be paddled comfortably by two people and swiftly by three. It can also be paddled by just one person, it is sleek enough to track well either paddling or under sail, yet it has enough rocker to surf in very extreme conditions, it has enough volume to carry a full load of camping gear as well as three paddlers and can easily be rigged with a sail, bigger set of iako and ama off either side of the main hull for stability.
This turns the standard paddling OC-3 into the OC3/Sail..

On Sunday, January 21st , Nick Beck along with Thomas Kemper of DGS
Watersports and Art Lane (sail designer), did a complete rigging of the OC3-Sail at Mission Bay and spent the afternoon sailing testing the sailing rigs. I was fortunate to have been there to actually see the rigging process and also had a chance to do a short sail throughout the Bay. Imagine rigging your sailing canoe in an hour. As Art Lane commented "Simplicity with high performance but still keeping the tradition of the Hawaiian Sailing Canoe..

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