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Holopuni Canoes have a solid deck with cock pit type openings for the seat. This keeps them very dry compared to other "open" canoes.

We developed this canoe to sail in rougher conditions, so we developed an additional spray skirt ring to utilize a kayak type spray skirt around each seat.

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Harmony spray skirts have an adjustable spray ring, waist band bungee, adjustable inner hoop to help deflect water, and a built in waist zipper which makes it really easy to get in and out of.


We have even found that just the spray skirt ring alone helps to deflect a lot of water that comes up over the gunnel when conditions get a bit choppier.

If you plan on doing any rough water sailing these new additions are well worth it.
To keep your canoe really dry you can get the solid touring deck.

Water tight compartments

If you plan on camping we can build extra water tight compartments either under your seat, under the iako mount bulk heads of both.

Surface mount tie downs?

Want extra tie down attachments for for all that extra gear? Surfboards, fishing, diving, camping etc. We can put it where you'll need it.

Mast step and iako mount Dagger board up position

Ok... so we have paddled from one end of Hawaii to the other, crossed the Molokai Channel over 50 times in a canoe, raced around Moorea... so what next?

Well... why not an engine... a WHAT?

Ok..ok we
actually did it... of course only by popular demand.
Maybe just to fish? Or to explore? Or to picnic? Or to go surfing faster? Or to
make it easier to get to the wind line... with your wife or girl friend or kids? Or even coach from?

Of course when the wind kicks up we'll always sail or paddle home... maybe.


Crab Claw Sail
Quick Rig Sail
HSS Sail

Pictured is the OC3 Sail mast step, iako mount and dagger board well.
Rigging is fast and easy.

The OC3 Sail can be fitted with a dagger board to increase it's ability to track.

Motor down and up Motor Mount closeup

We have developed a very compact slick motor mount that we have used witha 2 hp 4 stroke Honda... and even a Minn Kota battery operated trolling motor.
It works... we have 'em... and yeah... I even use 'em.

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