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The Holopuni Quick Rig is now our favorite sail system... basically because it is so light, simple to set up. easy to sail, efficient, has no stays or extra rigging lines, is instanly reefable and looks cool!

The Holopuni Quick Rig was designed specifically for the Holopuni OC3 S Class Canoe and is now our standard racing sail.

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Quick Rig mast and boom Furled Quick Rig Sail Holopuni Quick Rig mounts and furling spool

The Quick Rig consists of a free standing carbon fiber mast and boom with open jaws for the attachment to the mast. The dacron sail is slipped over the mast on a sock.

The mast rotates in the mast tube base and the sail can be reefed..ie, "furlled/rolled up around the mast" or unfurlled to any size..depending up the wind conditions.

The 100 sq ft sail is cut so the boom / foot of the sail has just enough rise to give ample head room for the middle seat paddler as well as for anyone out on the tramp.

Mastbase-UHMW plug and bushing

Mast step sleeve made with G-10 epoxy tube

Carbon fiber mast with roller furling drum attachment

Harken hardware for furling system, boom out haul and main sheeting


Crab Claw Sail
Quick Rig Sail
HSS Sail

Carbon fiber boom section with mast fork and out haul mechanism

100 sq. ft. Dacron sleeved sail - Ullman Sails Construction

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